New Slot Games 2018 & 2019

Slotu’s newest slot offerings are a cut above the rest, and without a doubt, this year’s hottest new free slots site is bringing the heat, sure to get players fired up for what’s next.
If you’re looking to play new free slot games, you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down the best new slot games for 2018 and 2019, and we are positive that you’ll be hard pressed to find any better.
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What’s new for 2018!

New releases for 2018 and 2019 depend largely on the what’s trending, and what popular online casino sites know their gamers will be into. The casino games for 2018 and 2019 come fully loaded with a host of new features and in-game bonuses. More interactive and entertaining features include more than just cutting edge graphics, but also include increased chances to win in the form of bonus rounds, wilds, and variable paylines. Let’s look at what’s in store for the newest slot machines 2018 and 2019.

New bonus rounds features

The hottest change to the latest slots of 2019 are the slot bonus rounds. Although this feature is nothing new for slots games, changing them to include more free games, multiplier features, free spins, and hidden prizes makes older games look dull in comparison. The priority of the newest slot games of the year is to take the look and feel of the latest console games and convert this aspect successfully to slot form. Today’s video slots need to keep up with the demands of seasoned gamers, and the new slot games for 2019 need to deliver with state-of-the-art graphics and superior gameplay that other gambling products just don’t have. A slot game that is immersive, interactive, and engaging in the form of bonus rounds is what makes them so entertaining. Simply hitting spin and entering a bonus round is no longer sufficient. The latest new free online casino slot games seduce gamers with intuitive design and B.S. bonus options with unlimited variety in how free spins are delivered.

Newest and Hottest Wild symbols

If bonus rounds are the cherry on the sundae for a slot game, then wild symbols are the ice cream. After all, the key to wild symbols is the fact that they come in a host of varieties – offering the main component in activating a new slots’ bonus round or in-game specialty feature. Wilds come in a range from stacked and sticky wilds to expanding and hidden symbols. They are the crucial game element that reward hungry players in different forms. Walking wilds are the latest substitute symbol for the newest casino slots of 2018 and 2019, functioning by hopping from one slot reel to the next and rewarding with free spins and prizes.

New Trends in Winning Paylines

20 years ago slot machines usually only came with 1 to 3 fixed paylines; although rewarding players with potential jackpots, they offered a limited range of winning combinations. Today’s video slots, especially the latest lot for 2018 and 2019 have increased these paylines from 10-1024 and in some cases thousands of winning combos. The latest video slots feature any ways pays, combined line multipliers, retriggers and added scatters on top on initial bets, making the newest editions a heap more profitable than last year’s slot machines.

Players may feel that this complicates things, but the best slot strategy is to maximize one’s bets, and playing with the highest number of allotted paylines to make those inevitable wins gainful. A thousand of possible winning combinations coupled with scatter and wild symbols makes the new casino slot machines for 2018 and 2019 well worth the time to play.

New Slot Machine bonuses for 2019

Is the slot enthusiast in you still hungry for more? The best part is yet to come. The latest slot releases for 2018 and 2019 are coupled with the latest in-game bonuses and promotions guaranteed to have players hot on their heels to find out what each new game has in store.

Most popular feature of 2019 – Free Spins!

If there’s one thing to get you playing slots right away, it’s the fact that the newest batch of slot games for 2018 and 2019 are offering the greatest amount of free spins yet. These can be utilized by way of unlocking in-game bonus features that reward with free spins, ranging from single to double, and in best cases, triple digits. It’s the best way to play risk-free if you’re playing on a real money slot, but if you’re playing free, it’ll make the entertainment last that much longer. Bonus rounds are not the only way to take advantage of slots free spins. Many online sites will also dish out weekly promotions rewarding new and veteran players alike with free spins bonuses. Many of these websites will offer weekly newsletters and player rewards, that reward based on frequency of play or simply for signing up. is no exception when it comes to offering maximum free spins.

New Version of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Another factor that keeps players ready for the newest slot releases is their coveted jackpots. There are many types of jackpots for slots games from fixed and linked to progressive jackpot slots. Arguably, progressive jackpot slot machines are the most favored, simply because they offer the greatest return on your wager. The only thing is that they are difficult to attain. Progressive jackpots are some of the biggest in gambling, offering thousands to hundreds of thousands and even millions in rewards. Statistically, the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are poor, but you never know when it could be your lucky day. The amount of a progressive jackpot depends solely on the number on individuals playing and betting on a particular slot machine. In other words, the greater the number of players on a progressive jackpot slot machine, the higher the jackpot. This top award can strike at random or at the conclusion of a game, and the progressive jackpots for the newest casino slots are the biggest that they have ever been. The reason? There are more people participating in online slots than ever before. It’s a simple matter of cause and effect.

Online casino gaming, and in particular, slot machine gaming is on a meteoric rise. More and more players are joining in on the fun worldwide, from playing at home on their desktop via browser or one the go with the latest mobile device playing via an online casino app. Although there is no guarantee that a certain number spins will award you a jackpot, you don’t want to miss out on that chance to take home a massive win. The new online slot games for 2018 and 2019 are offered bigger and bigger progressive jackpots, and are flying with banners promoting bigger and bigger wins. Don’t miss your chance.

New free slot games 2019 – variety

As technology progress, new games are developing at break-neck speeds with the latest and greatest in-game graphics, performance, player and software compatibility, and of course, games styles and themes. The new slot games offer hyper-detailed graphics, advanced gameplay, better quality sound, smoother navigation and user-friendly play.

There was a time when playing slots was a painstaking process, which offered the same humdrum of repetitive clinking sounds when pulling a lever, pushing a button or scoring a win. Today, you can browse the countless offerings of online slots from 2-D and 3-D options, to fixed and variable paylines, pop culture, film, and music-themed games, holiday games, software and game provides, specialty features, and much more, to find the one that suits you best.

Advanced graphics is the critical ingredient in what new free slots games have to offer, and the latest bright and colorful games come with stunning animation and detail, each one playing beautifully, and found directly at Of course, 2019 also offers a host classic slot machines, from fruit machines to three reels to standard-style one arm bandits and stars and stripes or Sevens, the variety of slot games is endless.

Choosing the right game

New players might soon find themselves in a situation where they are playing their choice of slot game, only to encounter little to no success. It is no mystery that slot games require no skill to play as modern slot machines depend rely on random number generators to determine the outcome of spins. This does not mean however that you cannot develop effective strategies in order to increase your bankroll, because the fact of the matter is that there are keys to financial success when playing on slot machine. Think you know all there is about playing slots? Think again. Rethink the key aspects of slot machines gaming is of the upmost importance, from setting loss limits, to eying winning combinations, bonuses and multipliers, are all factors that should influence the type of game you choose to play.

Ask yourself – does the slot machine offer a theme that you find interesting? Can you find yourself sitting in front of this game spending time doing more than just watching the reels spin? The game should be immersive, and offer a theme, style of play or general setting that draws you in. Smoothness of gameplay should be a more decisive factor than game graphics for instance, but both issues are important.

Always be aware of the risks that you are taking when playing slots games for real money, be sure to set a loss limit, so that you don’t play beyond your means. How much you can afford? Are the betting amounts and max paylines worth the gamble? If you are simply playing a slot game for free than you have nothing to worry about, but to relax and enjoy letting the reels spin using the Autoplay. Do you enjoy playing long sessions or would rather see your wins delivered in short bursts – all of these factors can help determine what style of player you are, and help you find the right game for you.

Understand the Payouts

If your only aim when playing online slots is winning money, then it is important that you familiarize yourself with the difference in payout percentages for a range of slot games. New slot games have specific payback percentages based on industry standards and the RTP (return to player). Many land-based and online casinos will list their payback odds and the casino advantage for the new slot machines, but on average it’s worth noting that the casino advantages is generally around 82-98%. If you do not know the pay percentage for a particular slot machine, a good rule of thumb to note is the higher the denomination for a machine, the higher the pay frequency.

Free slots vs. Real money slot machines

Choosing to play real money or free online slots is simply a matter of personal preference. As with many other types of online casino game, playing new casino slot for 2018 and 2019 can be performed free simply by clicking “Play” through your web browser or by making a real money deposit to play for real money.

New online slot games can be played for fun it, but for players looking to get a little more bang for their buck, in hopes of taking home big winning combinations or that elusive jackpot, then real money slots online are the way to go. This is also a useful factor when you are a slots newbie. Free casino slots for 2018 and 2019 are all available with the latest thrills, themes, styles and features at offer a range free casino slot games available for instant play or for real money.

New casino slot games USA/UK

Last but not least, you’re probably asking yourself, what are some of the new casino slot games for the biggest demographic in slot gaming? We’re talking about the U.S. and U.K. markets, and players from these two regions are on the hunt for most exciting casino slots games for 2019. Slots with frequent payouts, a range of exciting pop-culture, sports and holiday themes as well as paylines and in-game bonus features are the most popular reasons that slot enthusiasts from the U.S. and the U.K are after. Wild Witches, Football: Champions Cup, Beowulf, Hot 7’s, Iron Man 2, and Rocky are some of the most popular new slot games in 2018 and 2019.

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