Free 5 Reel Slots

Today’s state-of-the-art 5-reel free video slots provide players with an amazing array of different play enhancing options, including fantastic bonus features, free spins, wilds, scatters, prize multipliers, up to 1024 paylines and more. Captivating and all immersive, free five reel slots games offers players a mind-blowing selection of possible adventures, from the chance to travel to foreign lands, step back in history with emperors and heroes, venture into deep space, explore the undersea world, battle dragons, meet celebrities, ghosts, wizards, witches, goblins.  Read More

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A world away from the traditional, mechanical 3-reel slots of the early 20th century, the best video slots today provide players with phenomenal graphics and cutting-edge digital sound, capable of transporting you to other worlds. The perfect escape from the tedium of modern life, thanks to the multiplatform support, today’s 5 reel online slots can be played at home or at the office on your desktop, or on the go on your laptop. Another option is to play this amazing free casino slots on your smartphone, which is giving you the ultimate freedom to play and win anywhere, anytime you like as long as you have an internet connection.

Better yet, packed full of incredible features as they are, modern online 5-reel free video slots games, provide you with a wonderful assortment of ways to win. Multiple paylines extending from 20 to 243 lines increasing your chances of winning big, and advanced bonus features that trigger free spins and prize multipliers, playing 5-reel free video slots games is simply an excellent, enthralling and super fun way to not only pass the time, but also pick up some hefty cash along the way.


When it comes to slots games, what are the real advantages of 5-reel slots? Well, to put it bluntly, more is definitely better. Free 5-reel slots give you two extra reels of fun and chances to win. Extra reels mean extra features, including more wilds, bonus features and free spins. Better yet, the number of paylines built into 5-reel slots greatly surpass traditional 3-reel slots offerings. With more wagering options you get more chances to win per spin and potentially a lot bigger bang for your buck. While 3-reel slots are simple and super easy to use, a perfect fit for newbies and traditionalists, 5-reel slots offer a fantastic selection of bonus features and themes, making your slots experience that much more exciting.


So, let’s talk about bonus features. Slots bonus features are one of the things that make free online slots without download so much fun to play. Bonus features vary widely by game and are specific to the slot machine’s theme. They can range from, wilds, to free spins to prize multipliers, dramatically increasing your chances of hitting it big on any given slot. On some free 5 reel slots the bonus features actually offer their own in-depth bonus games, giving you the chance to multiply your winnings.

Unlocked during regular play, here are the most common types of bonus features available in free online slots today:

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are unique to each slots theme and can appear anywhere on the screen on 5-reel slots. Unlike wild symbols, the neat thing about scatter symbols is that they do not have to be on the payline to trigger a win. Generally, scatters unlock special bonus features. For example, is many games, when two or more scatter symbols appear on the screen they can trigger a win, give you a set number of extra spins, open a bonus round or even multiply your bet to increase your winnings.


Like wild cards in a traditional card game, slots wild symbols allow the player to substitute the symbol for any other symbol on the reel with the exception of scatter symbols. Wilds are always specific to the particular game theme, so it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game rules to know which symbols are wilds on your favorite slot.


Sometimes, for certain slots games, scatters and wilds can act as multipliers. When symbols that work as multipliers appear across a payline they multiply the amount you win for each coin you play. Multipliers are one of the reasons professional slots players will always tell you to bet max. Betting max and hitting a multiplier can have an effect on your bankroll that’s almost as good as a jackpot increasing your win by 1x to up to 32x, which means your $100 win becomes $3200 in the blink of an eye.

Freefalls/Collapsing stacks

Freefalls/Collapsing stacks occur on certain games when the reel lands on a winning combination, the symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols falling from above, giving one win the possibility of turning into a long sequence of wins.

Free spins

Exactly as it sounds, free slots with free spins give slots players the chance to earn additional cash without having to wager again. Free spins can number from 1x to 50x or even more in some games and are usually triggered by a bonus feature and give you the chance to chalk up a good reward without having to risk a wager. Basically, free spins are the stuff dreams are made of.


Yet another amazing feature of 5-reel free video slot games and what makes them so attractive to so many players around the world is the excellent quality of 5-reel slots graphics and sound. Technology has come a long way from the days of mechanical slot machines, to the point that today’s 5-reel slots are like high-end video games in and of themselves. This leads to an interface that is completely immersive, giving you a playing experience that has all the thrills and spills of a live action video game combined with the chance to win boatloads of cash.


Building on what technology has to offer in terms of phenomenal graphics and sound, the theme selection in today’s cutting-edge 5-reel video slot machines are simply incredible. With thousands of free online slots games to choose from, you sure to find a theme you love that transports you to that special place, far from the hassles and headaches of daily life. Go on amazing adventures, explore distant, mystical lands, travel into the outer reaches of space, explore the world under the sea. With today’s selection of themes, you’ll never be left wanting when looking for ways to have fun and win with free online slots from the best known slot providers in the industry like Netent, EGT or well know Australian slot machine company – Aristocrat.


Of course, no slots experience would be complete without the possibility of hitting the jackpot on a single spin. One click of the mouse and you could find your life transformed forever. Today’s 5-reel free video slots come with jackpots – which can be fixed and progressive.

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpot slots pay out a set amount when you get all the winning jackpot symbols in the payline. As a general rule, fixed jackpot slots tend to pay out more but smaller amounts over time to keep you playing.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots take a percentage of every wager and contribute this to the overall jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots can also be linked in a pool, whereby all of the wagers on a set of machines contribute to one massive jackpot that can be won on any of the individual slots machines. The great thing about progressive jackpot slots is that they mean the sky’s the limit and can see jackpots rising well into the millions. Progressive jackpot slots tend to pay out slightly less over time, as a percent of each wage is added to the jackpot, keeping this amount from being used for more regular, smaller wins.


As noted above, 5-reel slots are a blast to play in large part thanks to the incredible range of possibilities the addition of two extra reels over more traditional 3-reel slots provides. Playing is super easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind to enhance your chances of winning and maximize your fun…

Find a full overview of slot tips and tricks at our guide!

STEP 1 – Find the best video slot machine that’s right for you.
5-reel slots come in a huge array of different themes. Browse through and have a look through the varying themes to settle on one that’s right for you. With over 6,777 free online slots, there’s no doubt you’ll find a theme you like and there’s probably more than one version, for example: say you’re into pirates, a quick search at will yield over 40 results! That’s right you’ll have over 40 different pirate themed slots to choose from!

STEP 2 – Check the paylines.
With today’s 5-reel slots there are many ways to win. Usually, on the bottom left corner of the game screen, you’ll see a box listing the number of paylines, which can range from 5 to 1024. The more paylines, the more chances you have to win. Paylines can run straight across the reels, diagonal, zigzag or even in patterns depending on the game.

STEP 3 – Look for machines with the best Bonus Features.
As mentioned above, wilds and scatter symbols enhance your chances of winning, so look for a free online 5-reel slot machine that offers scatters and wilds.

STEP 4 – Look for machines with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentage.
RTP is the percentage of money an online slot machine will pay back to players over time. Remember, that’s not per game or session, but over time. However, the machines with the highest RTPs are always the best for extended play winnings. As all online slots must post their RTP, you’ll find this information under the “I” button or “?” button on the machine’s main screen.

STEP 5 – Place your bet.
With many modern 5-reel slots machines offering fantastic bonus features and free spins and well as phenomenal jackpots, it’s always advisable to bet max if your bankroll will allow it. This means that you dramatically increase your winning potential. Moreover, many machines will not pay out advanced bonus features on lower wagres. If you feel confident enough and your strategy is working on our free slots, why not to pick one of the casino bonuses and play online slots for real money? Choose from our selection of recommended online casinos!

Then, cross your fingers, get your favorite good luck charm or lucky piece of clothing, HIT SPIN AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

If you’re the type, as many of us extreme slots fanatics are, that likes to just sit back and watch the reels fly, remember to check out the auto play feature on the machine. This will allow you to set the number of spins automatically, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!


One of the truly amazing things about today’s free online slots without download and registration is that they are not limited to your desktop computer. Video slots long ago became the norm in brick and mortar casinos, as older electromechanical slots machines were phased out in the late 1960s. By the time the internet became a household name in the early 1990s, these types of slots had started to migrate online, making slots available to an ever-wider audience of fans. Today, with the internet based slots and software providers like Igrosoft or Amatic on our tablets and smartphones, and with the free video slots no download, no registration and no deposit at Slotu, all you need is a browser to play anytime, anywhere you like. Think about it, you can literally break out your phone or tablet, in line, waiting at the post office, for a bus or plane, at the doctor’s office and play free online slots, with all the high-quality graphics and sound modern technology has to offer, in the palm of your hand.

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