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Our selection of online mobile slots offers up the greatest collection of free mobile slots available today! Play and win while waiting in line at the post office, or to see the doctor, play in a supermarket checkout line, on the bus, on a layover at the airport, on your lunch break in a restaurant or the park, play in the public library, while waiting to pick the kids up from school, in a super boring conference or meeting.

With the world’s greatest selection of online slot games in the palm of your hand the sky, or shall we say maybe, possibly, one day even outer space, is the limit in terms of where you can play.

You’ll never need to sit staring at your watch again just killing time. Why not pull out your smart phone and play free mobile slots while you wait? With today’s free casino slots games for mobile phones you’ll never be bored again.

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A note to the wise though, just remember to keep your battery charged!

Long way from traditional slots to mobile slots

Say it ain’t so, but the world really is a wonderful place, at least for slots lovers.
Back in the day, to get your slots fix, especially if you lived, off-reservation or out of the hustle and bustle of places like Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, Atlantic City or Macau, you had to put in a fair bit of time and effort to have some fun playing your favorite slots.

Moreover, then you had to deal with a charter bus or parking, loud, crowded casinos, strangers sitting next to you, sirens and flashing lights. Sure, it could be a good buzz, but if you’re like us, so many times you just want to escape on your own into your favorite slot and spend some time having some relaxation, thrills and excitement without the distractions.

Online slots – a step in the right direction

Then online slots entered the scene to save the day. With sites like Slotu you could play at home or the office whenever you wanted, all you needed was a computer and an internet connection and you could be off in search of that life changing jackpot in the bat of an eye.

Unfortunately, we all can’t feed our slots obsession at home or the office. I think we can all imagine the large number of reasons why, so we won’t go into them here, but we all know, there’s got to be limits. But you still feel the need to spin and win… Enter the glory of the modern age, free casino slots games for mobile phones!

Free mobile slots save the day

That’s right free mobile slots offer up all you’d expect from both a brick and mortar casino experience and playing online on your PC or laptop, right in the palm of your hand. As long as you have a smart phone with an internet connection, which, we must admit are pretty much everywhere these days, save for the Gobi desert, the Serengeti plains, the jungles of southeast Asia and perhaps parts of North Dakota (no offence to North Dakotan’s, it’s just a big and beautiful part of the world that city dwellers such as us here at Slotu tend to think of as kinda out there, like the Siberian tundra, which is equally vast and beautiful we’re sure), you’re good to go… literally.

With mobile casino slots in the palm of your hand you can play and win anytime you like, nearly anywhere on earth, heck, maybe even one day on Elon Musk’s SpaceX or on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic commercial space flights. Seriously, even buses and trains have WiFi these days, so why not commercial space flight? Can you imagine floating in zero gravity and looking down at that big blue sphere while you play your favorite mobile slot and hit the jackpot. Talk about a serious, out of this world experience.

While they may sound fantastic, the possibilities truly are endless when it comes to playing all your favorite real money casino slots or just playing your favorite online slots for free on your mobile. Mobile slot games make the world truly your oyster.

How to play free mobile slots?

Free mobile slots games are available for any mobile device with an internet connection, that includes iPhone, Android and Windows powered devices as well as tablets.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, all of our free online slots here at Slotu scale perfectly to your mobile device, without losing any of the delightful high-end graphics and digital sound you have come to love and expect from today’s cutting-edge free online slots.

Read 15 Tips and Tricks How to Win at Slots, play mobile slots free for fun or play real money slots and walk away a real winner!

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